fake plastic trees

Dressing up feels like such a luxury these days.  Most of the time I'm covered in powdered paint from grinding nasty old paint off our trim.  Feels so good to peel off work clothes and put on a clean outfit.  Today I'm taking a break from house work, though, and heading off to Lake Sylvia for a fun photo shoot.  I've driven past the area but never stopped for a look.  From the photos on Google Maps, it looks gorgeous!  It'll be nice to get an excuse to spend some time in nature.  
This dress actually has a nature scene print on it, albeit a bit abstracted.  I love how the print looks like moss, algae, or lichen.  It's got an organic feeling to it, without being a leaf print, or something more obvious like that.  When I ordered this dress I actually didn't even know that there was a picture of trees in the print, I just liked the natural look to it.  Upon further investigation, it actually has some cabins hidden in the print as well!

dress/courtesy of lace affair :: top/courtesy of ever+mi.crush. :: hat/the north face via rei
tights/target :: boots/courtesy of blowfish shoes :: necklace/courtesy of i dream i can fly

I wish I could say I have profound thoughts to share, or interesting stories, but really life just consists of work and sleep these days.  I do have some deep thoughts, but rather than blurting them out all incomplete and willy nilly, I'm working on composing more "candid thoughts on.." posts where I can more fully flesh them out.  So enjoy this outfit.  My brain is only capable of slightly more than, "here, look at these pictures I took of myself wearing  clothes."  So that's what you get today.  Enjoy.