favorite easy breakfast

I've posted a couple images of this breakfast before, and I had a few people ask for a recipe, so I thought I'd share!  It's super simple and very easily changed to customize to your own tastes.  We get in ruts for breakfast where we'll just cook the same thing over and over, until something new takes its place.  Right now it's a sort of potato/sausage hash with a fried egg on top.  We always buy a ton of potatoes because they are cheap and you can make quite a few things with them.  I like to add the sausage to give me some more protein and make it more filling, but it's still good without.  I also have thrown in some sliced mushrooms, which was a great addition.  You can easily throw in other things that you like (or omit things you don't like).


(makes two servings)
Olive oil (we use Trader Joes hot chili olive oil.  It's great!)
2 medium potatoes, diced (Pretty much any kind.  We use red or brown)
1 smoked sausage link, sliced

1/4 onion, diced
seasoning spices (we use salt, pepper, & johnny's seasoning, sometimes dill)
1 egg (per serving)

I heat up the olive oil in a skillet, over medium heat and then throw in the diced potatoes and season them.  I like to cook the potatoes until they're about halfway done and then throw in the sausage pieces.  We've been using BBQ King brand smoked sausages and they are delicious.  They come in a bunch of really good flavors.  They had a cheddar jalepeno one that we used before and now we're on to a honey bbq w/ caramelized onion pack.  So good!  I think a reindeer sausage would also taste incredible in this hash.  But, if you're a vegetarian or just prefer to omit the sausage, this is still a great hash!

Okay, after you've cooked the potatoes with the sausage for a couple minutes, throw in the onions.  They cook the fastest, so I put them in last and just cook them till they're translucent.  Right before the hash is done, I get another skillet out and fry the eggs.  You can also throw more seasoning on the hash if you'd like, at this point.

Divide the hash up into two (or however many you've made) servings, and then slide the egg over top! I like to put some ketchup and Tapatio over mine, and I like my egg over easy so the yolk is all runny and gets into the hash (10 year old me is gagging reading that!  I used to hate over easy eggs).  I typically do one potato per person, so when I make this for just me I only use one potato and do less of the other ingredients