here + there

Life feels so full these days.  There's never a moment when I feel like there's nothing to be done, but it's good.  I decided to paint the kitchen and did it all Friday night.  Chartreuse and chalkboard!  We went down to the craft fair at King's Books on Saturday and got some awesome prints from Slide Sideways to hang on the wall.  I can't wait to frame them and get them on the wall!  We also got some letterpress letters, and I'd love to collect more.  Printmaking geek decor.  Going to the craft fair really made me miss screen printing.  I'm trying to figure out how to finagle some kind of print studio because I really miss making art.  But really my problem is more in making the time to do it.  I must make time to make art!  I spend so much time editing photos, which I love doing and is definitely part of my love of photography, but making things with my two hands is something different.  I still have paint on my hands from painting the kitchen, and while that's not really "creative" painting, it still felt so good to be painting and creating with my hands, regardless of how mundane it was.