lake sylvia

On Tuesday I took a nice little road trip down to Montesano to meet up with a client for a shoot.  I knew Lake Sylvia was going to be a beautiful location, so I went a half hour early and did some outfit photos out there.  I miss having crazy beautiful nature in my backyard, like I did back in Alaska.  I know that Point Defiance is just a 10 minute drive away, but it's not quite the same as walking out your back door into the woods.  I absolutely love taking photos in wooded areas.  I was so glad when my client suggested this spot, it was so perfect for our shoot and it was refreshing to get some of that forest air in my lungs.  I love living in Tacoma, but theres a part of me that wants to just move to the woods and wake up to this kind of scenery every morning.  Maybe someday!  For now I'm super content living in town in our little house.  Last night I worked all evening putting together a little cabinet to house our bar cart stuff and coffee accessories.  I built some shelves too, and I'm getting ready to finally put paint on walls... I think I've decided on what I want.  I just have to go for it.  I can't believe we've lived here for two months and I've only put paint on one wall.  Things are coming together in my mind, though, and I think I'm ready to dive in.  I was holding some pictures up on the wall to see how they'd look in that spot and I had one of those moments where everything felt like it was falling into place and this was feeling like home, not just the place we live that has boxes everywhere and pictures stacked against walls because I don't want to hang them until we paint.  We're almost done with shingles on the exterior and I'm doing the slow, tedious, arduous task of removing trim paint.  I can't wait until everything is done (or at least looks done.  I'm sure we'll never be done done).
dress/courtesy of lace affair :: jacket/courtesy of asianicandy
 tights/h&m :: boots/target :: scarf/thrifted

Half of my shoes are still in the Winne in "storage" (i.e. I just never took them out after moving).  Whenever I go in there to grab a pair to go with an outfit, I see all these shoes that I forgot I had!  It's like shoe shopping in my own shoe closet.  I used to wear these boots constantly, but they've been hiding in the Winne and I forgot about them.  They're still one of my favorite pairs of boots, even after having them for a few years. 

I was thinking about wearing some of my chunky heels, but I had this weird feeling that if I did, I'd fall into the lake as I was trying to get a shot and then my camera would be ruined and I'd lose all the photos from my shoot... so I chose boots instead.  No need to tempt fate, right?  Flat boots, much better choice.  Plus the heels didn't even look good with the outfit, so double reason to nix them.  Although, I probably should wear my platforms on photo shoots because I'm so short I find myself constantly on my tip toes trying to get the angle I want!  Moral of the story: I need to just carry around a stool when I go on photo shoots.