making progress

We're slowly but surely making some progress on the exterior of our house.  Yesterday I painted our front door!  We were debating between chartreuse and rust, but since we did the kitchen chartreuse we decided on a nice rust color.  I still have to paint the second coat, but it looks great!  I love a brightly colored front door on a house.  We were hoping to get the exterior siding painted this week but it looks like it's supposed to rain all week, oh well.  So it goes when you try to paint outside in Washington in February.  But yesterday it was sunny and warm, so I was outside priming trim and watching CreativeLIVE on my laptop.  Learning and productivity simultaneously!
Lately I've been wearing jewel tones like nobody's business.  It's mostly this cardigan's fault, as it tends to just gravitate towards other jewel tones.  I never really thought of myself as a jewel-tone person, but I've been liking these colors quite a bit lately.  This dress is actually the same cut as the one in this post, just in a different color/print.  I love that they are hand printed and embroidered.  Gives them such a nice natural feel.  Plus, they have a tent-like cut which means you can belt them for a more fitted look or leave them loose and breezy.
dress/courtesy of mata traders :: hat/courtesy of yishka knits :: cardigan/thrifted
tights/target :: shoes/minnetonka :: necklace/courtesy of adorn by sarah lewis
I wore this outfit to Dan's Grandma's wedding last Saturday.  It was a fun little ceremony up at her retirement center.  I wish our wedding had been that small!  So intimate and low-key with just family there.  It was a nice little day trip and fun to see her so happy.  It's always nice to see a grandparent find new life and love after their spouse has died.  My Grandma died a while ago, back when I was in high school, and he got married a year or so later.  It's definitely kind of strange at first to all of a sudden have a new family member sort of taking the place of someone who had been in your life since before you could remember.  But I think it would be nice to spend those later years with someone to keep you company and to help one another as you grow older and less spry.  Much better than being lonely in those later years.  I mean, being married for like 50 years and then all of a sudden being alone?  I feel like that would be one of the hardest parts of losing a spouse after that long.