I'm in total house-mode lately.  Every time we drive around town I'm constantly commenting on paint jobs, siding, landscaping, etc.  We took a much needed day off of work on Thursday.  Got coffee, went grocery shopping and thrifting and then sat on the couch for hours watching a movie and zoning out.  We went back to work yesterday, though, and finished up the front gable with shingles!  Now we just have to finish the two side gables and then get it all prepped for paint!
I think I was channeling the weather with this grey on grey outfit, because it has been nothing but grey days lately!  Sun finally came out yesterday though, and it's supposed to continue today, so maybe my next outfit will be more sunny and bright.  I'm in love with this mermaid maxi skirt from Tailor & Stylist.  It's actually black & grey stripes, but from afar it looks more like heather grey.  It's so comfortable and soft, made of t-shirt-like fabric, but it's structured like a mermaid skirt so it has that interesting architectural element and moves so gracefully.  Plus it feels like i'm wearing pajamas.  Bonus. 
skirt/courtesy of tailor & stylist :: top/hand me down (h&m) :: hat/thrifted
scarf/h&m :: necklace/courtesy of moorea seal :: jacket/courtesy of asianicandy
belt/target :: photos by dan