remix archives // denim jacket

I'm actually featuring two different jackets in this post, but they're similar enough that I figured I might as well do both at once. These are such perfect spring and summer jackets.  They don't provide a ton of warmth but are that perfect weight for spring and cool summer days.  Doing these posts now is kind of funny to see my  hair growing!  Both of these jackets were acquired after I cut my hair short, so all of these images are of different stages of growth.  I liked my hair short, but I definitely feel more "me" with it longer.  Sometimes (very very rarely) I think about cutting it into a pixie or something super short, but then I get freaked out about how long it would take to grow out if I hated it.  Yikes!  My hair still feels super short compared to what it used to be.  My ponytail has started swinging around a bit when I workout though, which hasn't happened since I cut my hair!  Somehow this post became about hair rather than denim jackets... but what really needs to be said about denim jackets anyhow?  They're a style staple and a classic.  Nuff said.