I don't think I would ever get tired of taking pictures out here.  For a small stretch of beach, only about a half mile at the most, there are so many different places to take photos.  On the sand, on big craggy rocks, in a mossy forest, next to tide pools.  I never feel like nature photos get monotonous.  They differ based on time of day (especially with how high/low the tide gets here), how the sun hits throughout the day, throughout seasons and weather.

This is actually a pretty standard outfit for me.  Mostly on lazy days, which is why this outfit rarely makes it to the blog.  Lazy days = no outfit photos.  Or food photos in lieu of outfits.  But this outfit feels very "Southeast Alaska" to me, so it was only natural to photograph it in Juneau.  If I wanted to get truly Southeast, I'd be wearing Xtra Tuffs, but I figured moccasins were the next best thing.
plaid top (similar)/thrifted :: tee/the great pnw :: jeans/courtesy of modcloth
shoes/minnetonka :: jacket/courtesy of asianicandy
Dan has this exact same shirt.  He thrifted his about 5 months before I found this one (both in the little boys' section) and despite his protests, I couldn't not get it.  It was a smaller size and fit me just right, so I had to.  Now at least if we come up with nothing else for Halloween we can at least be twins, right?  I probably won't wear this one too often, simply because Dan looks so great in his, and I don't want to give him reason to avoid wearing it.  The plaid and flannel tops in the little boys' section of thrift stores is where I find the best flannels.  Sometimes the arms are a bit short, but I almost always roll my sleeves anyway, so it doesn't matter.