fresh spinach hummus wrap

Back when I used to work at a Beyond The Bridge Cafe, before it went out of business, we served these amazing veggie wraps.  I usually would eat the bagel sandwiches there because, well, they were heavenly, but once I discovered the wrap I was hooked on that as well.  They're quick to make, are a nice light lunch, and pack a pretty nice punch of flavor!  Plus, with all the fresh veggies and hummus, they're quite healthy.

I'm still up in Juneau, though today my mom and I are flying over to Sitka for a brief visit before I head home to Tacoma.  No outfit posts from this beautiful place, unfortunately, as I've been mostly covered in sawdust from going through boxes of my grandparents' stuff which is in their garage/my grampa's shop.  Yesterday the sun made an unexpected appearance and I took a nice late afternoon walk on the beach with my mom and dad.  It's such a peaceful place.  I can't imagine getting to grow up with that beach as your backyard.  My dad's treehouse is still clinging to the tree where he built it, 45 years ago, now just a few boards barely clinging to the trunk by rusty nails.  I think frequently of moving to Juneau and raising kids in this house, but moving to Juneau would be a huge change and largely impractical, especially as kids aren't in the plan for at least a few more years.  But who knows.  Life changes in an instant and perhaps I'll find myself suddenly cooking meals while looking out over Auke Bay, as my grandmother did for decades.

I get extremely sentimental about houses.  When I was a kid I thought we'd live in our house forever and then I'd raise my kids there, so at 11 I was kind of devastated when I found out we were moving to a new house.  Of course, it all sounds so silly thinking back on my belief that my family would stay in that one house forever.  But sometimes places are just so special you hate to think of someone else living in that space.  I feel that way about my Winne and even my El Camino.  While this house in Juneau isn't practical to keep, it's hard to think of eventually selling it someday.  My grampa built this house and they've lived here for over 50 years.  It's not just a house that lots of families have moved in and out of over the years, it's almost like the house itself is a family member.

1/4 small onion, sliced
~handful fresh spinach
1/2 avocado, sliced
1/4 tomato, sliced
~3 tbsp hummus
1 large tortilla

Smear the hummus in the middle of the flat tortilla, then toss the rest of the ingredients in the center of the tortilla.  Fold the sides of the tortilla so they're about an inch and a half from touching in the center, and then roll the end closest to you over the two flaps and tuck it under the wrap innards on the other side and roll it up all tight into a little burrito type roll!  Slice diagonally down the middle.

I like to make a spicy sauce to dip my wrap in, like we used to serve at Beyond the Bridge.  It's super easy, just mix Tapatio and Mayonaise.  I usually do a few tablespoons of mayo and then I add the Tapatio to taste.  I like my sauce relatively spicy, so I probably add about 1-2 tbsp of Tapatio for every 3 tbsp of mayo.  But it's super easy to customize the sauce to be as spicy or mild as you prefer!