from her lips to god's ears

I'm currently in Juneau, AK helping my parents sort through some of my grandparents stuff as they're getting ready to move.  They've lived in the same house for about 50 years, so it's crazy to sort through everything and basically travel in time looking at everything from their past half century.  I haven't been my grandparents house since I stopped in for a couple hours in my Brave during a layover on the ferry as I was traveling from Haines to Prince Rupert.  And other than that brief little stop, I haven't spent time here at their house in six years!  So many memories at this little house.  Even though I haven't gotten to spend a lot of time here in my 26 years, it's still one of my favorite places.  The view is absolutely stunning.  Their house is right on the beach and I remember running around the beach, picking up pieces of shale that looked like arrowheads, scoping out sea creatures in the tide pools, and exploring the woods.  I know that someday this house will probably be sold, so I'm glad to get an opportunity to come visit for maybe the last time while they're still living here.

Dan and I ran out the door Thursday night to grab a couple outfit photos before the sun went down.  I got my new camera in the mail and I was super excited to go out and give it a little test run!  I'm really looking forward to taking some photos of Juneau and my grandparents house to really document it while they're still here.

dress/courtesy of abby galloway :: tights/courtesy of the stylish fox
jacket/courtesy of asianicandy :: shades/vintage :: boots/target
necklace/courtesy of adorn by sarah lewis :: photos by Dan