remix archives // blue stripes

I sold this dress a while back, but until I went through all m photos to put together this remix post I didn't realize how much I remixed it!  My favorite outfit of all of them is that top one.  The blue floral matches the blue in the striped dress so perfectly.  It was a nice, simple dress that was easy to wear and was great for wearing as a top by layering a skirt over it.  I would still wear that top outfit any day.  Unfortunately the only thing intact in my closet is the orange shoes, which are actually my favorite summer espadrille wedges!  They're probably hiding in the Winne like all of my summer shoes.  I'm trying not to get too excited about summer quite yet as it's still a few months out, but it seems like the blogosphere is all atwitter about spring now that it's March.  I might have to find a nice, simple summer dress like this striped one.  It's a good summer staple.