remix archives // high waisted jeans

These high waisted jeans have been a serious godsend.  As someone with a smaller waist and some junk in the trunk, finding jeans to fit my body has always been a huge hassle.  Almost every pair of jeans I've ever tried on has had that gap in the back, or will fit my waist but is so tight across the butt and thighs that there's just no way.  I'd been trying desperately to find some high waisted jeans for months, and tried some from ModCloth last spring that just didn't fit at all and were immediately returned.  So I was a little skeptical when I ordered these Blank NYC jeans from ModCloth this last fall, but I figured since their return policy is so nice it wouldn't be a huge hassle if they didn't fit.  But lo and behold I slipped these babies on and it was like they were tailor made for me.  
Even if I'm not styling them high waisted these are still the most comfortable pair of jeans I've ever owned.  I still have some of my old lower-rise jeans and now I realize how crazy obnoxious it is to have to yank them up every five minutes, and now I notice that every girl has to do that when she wears regular lower-rise jeans.  Because high waisted jeans sit at my natural waist, they never fall down and have to be yanked up over my hips.  It's wonderful.  I have two pairs of these jeans and I'm seriously thinking about getting a third because I'm afraid I'll never find a pair of jeans this awesome ever again!  My mom even got a pair and loves them!