space... the final frontier

People.  This skirt is awesome.  I want it on my body all of the times.  Not only is it a space skirt, it's also super comfortable.  How did I not know I was so lacking before this space skirt entered my life?  Okay, well, I'm hyperbolizing but really, this is one of my new favorite things.  I remember seeing a few galaxy print dresses and such floating around the fashion-sphere in the past couple years, but they were usually way out of my price range to even consider.  I love when high fashion trends start trickling down to the more affordable shops.

top + skirt + tights(similar)/courtesy of modcloth :: jacket/courtesy of asianicandy
necklace/courtesy of adorn by sarah lewis
shoes/courtesy of lulu's :: shades/vintage :: photos by Dan

I always want fresh flowers in my house when spring rolls around.  I'm too cheap to go out and buy bouquets though, even though I linger by the floral section every time I go to the store.  Maybe I will get some flowers to grow in our garden this year so I'll have them around.  I've got some basil, onion, and lavender seeds starting to sprout, and I still need to plant a ton more starters before we make our raised beds outside.  Seems like we've still got some time before it gets warm enough outdoors to actually transfer them, though.  

It's supposed to be sunny here in Tacoma this week, but I won't be here!  I swear that happens every time.  I leave Tacoma and it decides to be nice.  Last spring I went up to Anchorage for my little brother's high school graduation... like 80 degree weather in Tacoma the whole time.  I get back? Freezing and raining.  We didn't see 80 degrees again until July.  So typical, I'll be up in Alaska this week while Tacoma gets its sun on.  Hopefully Dan will be able to get some work done on the house.  We still have only half the house painted because we've been waiting for a dry spell to get the last couple coats on.  It looks real nice from one side, and then kinda weird from the front, and then totally unfinished from the other side.  So it goes!  

Thankfully this winter has been much more mild than last and I think I probably will make it through without losing my mind like I nearly did last year.  Having a larger house is helping.  Our tiny, dark house drove me stir crazy last spring and I was desperately looking around the country for places to move, even if to just imagine it in my mind.  This year I'm so excited about sprucing up our home that rainy days are barely bothersome, except when I want to go take outfit photos and it's a downpour.