the forest through the trees

When I decided to come up to Juneau, I didn't know how long I would stay, so I only got a one-way ticket.  Luckily I brought a white lace dress, which I'll be remixing again today to go to Easter service with my grandparents (I've styled it twice already in the last week, haha).  I thought about wearing this denim dress for Easter, but I think the white one feels more "Easter-y".  As far as dresses go, though, this denim dress does have a bit of a Juneau vibe to it.  My grandparents go to the early service, and I'm a bit of a zombie (hah, just like Jesus, amirite?) at that hour.  This girl is never going to be a morning person, and whoever decided that morning was a time that any type of worshiping was going to happen, except for that of my pillow, is a crazy person.  Sorrynotsorry almost-every-church-in-existence.  Lucky for me, I'm pretty sure God both a morning person and a night-owl, but someone needs to convince the rest of the church-world that that is the case, if they have any hope of getting me to attend.  Uh, on that note, Happy Easter!
dress/dainty june courtesy of modcloth ::  scarf + belt/thrifted
tights/target :: boots (similar)/courtesy of blowfish shoes
I love these temperate rainforests of the Southeast and Pacific Northwest.  The huge trees covered in mosses are so majestic, and I especially love how they come right down to the beach and meet the sea.  My Dad's treehouse is still up in the trees, though decidedly less safe looking than I imagine it used to.  They had a big zipline from his treehouse to the neighbor kid's treehouse, so much fun!  I always wanted a treehouse, but we never lived somewhere with big enough trees like these.  Trees are a bit more spindly up in Anchorage where the winters are harsher and it isn't nearly as rainy.  Still, we made tons of forts and instead of 'house' we'd play 'bush family' and we'd go out and "fish" and "hunt" and "tend to wounds" by making "salves and bandages" out of crushed leaves and grasses and such.  The house I lived in as a kid had a large greenbelt behind it between our house and a lake, and between our house and the neighbor's was a vacant lot, so we had lots of land, mostly forested, to run around playing all kinds of games and going on lots of tiny adventures.  Not quite as epic as this forest and beach, but the next best thing.