the rosemary club

Since I made my rosemary simple syrup, I've been brainstorming drinks which would be good with that rosemary flavor.  We still had some gin left, and I remembered my favorite summer drink from last year, the Clover Club, and I wondered to myself what it would taste like if I replaced the grenadine with rosemary simple.  Well, it tasted lovely.  I like grenadine a lot, but the rosemary in this drink gives it a much more subtle and sophisticated disposition.  The botanical flavors of the gin really mesh well with the rosemary.  I love the texture that egg white gives a drink, but you could always omit it if it weirds you out.  If you're looking for the rosemary simple recipe you can find it here!  I promise no more rosemary drinks, but watch out because Dan and I just made a new infused simple syrup and it. is. awesome.  I already have a drink recipe for it and it is the bomb.

You'll Need:
2 measures Gin
1 measure Rosemary Simple
Juice of half a large lemon
1 egg white
Cocktail shaker

Pour all the ingredients in the cocktail shaker and shake with ice for about 30 seconds to make sure the egg white is thoroughly incorporated with all other ingredients. Strain into a glass and garnish with a slice of lemon. You could also garnish with a sprig of rosemary, which I think would look pretty.  I didn't have any more fresh rosemary on hand, though, so I settled with a slice of lemon.  This drink is kind of plain looking without a garnish, so I definitely recommend adding something to give it a little curb appeal.