the waiting game

I bought the exterior paint for our house today, so now we're just eagerly awaiting a break in the rain!  Watching the forecast like a hawk.  It'll be so awesome to finally have it all painted and finished!  Siding and painting will definitely be the biggest project we'll do on the house for a while, I think.  Assuming the pipes don't burst or something and we have to re-plumb the whole house.  It'll be nice to have the exterior of the house done so we can move on to other more fun projects.  I'm not getting my hopes up for spring to arrive anytime soon, but I am excited to start gardening!  I might get some little pots to start a few herbs and veggies indoors so I can transfer them outside when the temperatures are more plant-friendly.  We briefly had a veggie garden back when I was a kid and I remember loving to eat the veggies we grew.  I think especially as a kid it's kind of a magical experience to watch vegetables and fruits grow, certainly more so nowadays when most kids' only experience of fruits and veggies is seeing them stacked up neatly in the produce section of a grocery store.  I'm still convinced there's almost nothing as delicious as a freshly picked, homegrown strawberry.
dress/courtesy of mata traders :: cardigan/thrifted :: shoes/payless 
necklace/handmade :: raincoat/courtesy of mrs. prints
tights/courtesy of the stylish fox :: umbrella/courtesy of modcloth :: photos by Dan