wind tunnel

Yesterday Dan & I and some friends drove up to Seattle to attend a friend's final portfolio show for his culinary school, which meant eating our way through a whole room full of culinary final projects.  It was really fun.  I've thought about going to culinary school, but I think I'd rather just take some cooking classes, as I don't necessarily want to become a restaurant chef or anything, just get better at cooking and learn new techniques and methods.  Some of the amazing cuisine included chocolate jalapeño cupcakes (sounds crazy, but super amazing!), crème brûlée french toast, argentinian bruschetta, pulled pork, ceviche verde, fireball whiskey truffles, and a ton more things whose fancy names I can't recall.  I thought I had a fun senior show, being an art major, but I think culinary students' final project beats it.

Seattle was a crazy tornado and I swear I would've been swept away had I been wearing a maxi skirt or something.  I don't know what is up with the wind in the PNW lately, but it's pretty crazy.  We ducked into this alley to take photos, thinking the buildings would block the wind, but it turns out it just was a huge wind tunnel and even windier!

top + jeans/courtesy of modcloth :: cardigan/gap (similar)
jacket/courtesy of asianicandy :: shoes/courtesy of blowfish :: bag/courtesy of myremedy
necklace/courtesy of adorn by sarah lewis :: photos by Dan

Despite my smile in these photos, I was actually pretty grumpy for most of the trip.  It's hard when you start feeling frustrated and a bad mood starts to take over your mind.  Sometimes I feel like it just takes over me and I don't know how to combat it.  And at the end of the day, I've allowed it to not only ruin my day, but hurt those around me and keep them from having as good of a time as well.  I feel like it's a lie to believe that I had no control over it, even if that's how it felt.  I made a conscious decision each moment to keep being grumpy, rather than choosing to get over myself and enjoy the day.  I'm getting better at apologizing and asking for forgiveness, though.  Back in high school I remember stubbornly hanging on and getting an apology out of me was like pulling teeth.  Ultimately, the health of my relationships, especially my relationship with Dan, is far more important than pridefully hanging onto whatever it is that made me angry or grumpy.  Hopefully I'll get better at catching myself as time goes on and maybe someday I'll stop those stupid angry feelings before I let them infect my psyche and put a funk into my whole day.