going for a spin

Lately we've been having some good stretches of sun, which has meant lots of work on the house, but has also meant I'm itching to get my bikes in shape for riding!  Yes, bikes.  After our bikes were stolen, I got this red bike out of storage, but then I found a cute vintage bike at Goodwill and couldn't resist it.  It needed a bit of work, but it looked great and was the perfect little bike.  I'll miss riding fixed gear, since both of these are geared bikes, but I'm so looking forward to just riding again!  And now our bikes will be safer inside a locked garage, rather than having to keep them tied up on the porch.  It was so disappointing having our bikes stolen just a week and a half before moving to a house with a garage, but so it goes.  Hopefully by this weekend my bikes will be good to go!

dress/courtesy of modcloth :: cardigan/thrifted :: shoes/minnetonka