here + there

I just realized it's been two months since my last Here + There post.  How does the time just slip by so quickly?  Dan's working on living in the present more this week, and I think that's a good thing to focus on.  So often we get caught up overanalyzing the past or worrying about the future and we miss out on the now.  Not that being prepared for the future is a bad thing, but more often than not "planning" turns into "worrying."  My insomnia is the worst when it comes to this.  I just lay awake... thinking about things, worrying about things, planning things.  Sometimes my brain just feels like a freight train that is not stopping for anything, including the slumber station.  Anyone else got freight train brain?  I should work on some sort of meditation or other mind quieting activities.  
All that aside, though, life is so good.  Despite being busy and behind, I'm loving our new little house and how it's coming together.  Spending time with my grandparents last week was really wonderful.  I'm pretty inspired in general.  Last spring was a bit of a rough spell for me, so I'm really happy this spring is faring better.  It doesn't hurt that we've had a really mild winter and spring hasn't been too awful yet.  It's kind of crazy how much the weather can affect mood.  But it also helps that our living space is at least twice as big and there's always a fun project to be done around the house, or with photography, or climbing.  I've been feeling super thankful these days.  
auke bay

a yummy salad // some pups waiting outside the coffee shop // my photos featured in 
northwest travel magazine // going through the lake union locks // starting some seeds indoors
auke bay at night // houses on auke bay at night // graffiti in the garages downtown
spinning // springtime blooming