let it linger

I love the brief time of year when the whole city is abloom with pink trees lining the streets.  I'm pretty thankful for this beautiful spring weather when back in Anchorage they're plowing feet of snow!  A proper "spring" is much nicer than the muddy brown Alaskan break up, which is what will inevitably follow once that dump of snow starts to melt.  I'm not sure it's quite warm enough to go sans-tights though.  It's been much too windy for that lately, but I'm aching to let my legs out to soak up some long lost Vitamin D!  I got a new bathing suit and I can't wait for an excuse to actually wear it!  I may have to invent an excuse because I'm not going on a tropical vacation anytime soon.  I only wore my polka dot bikini once last year and that one needs more wear too, as it's too damn cute to be hidden away in my closet forever.  Time to make friends with someone with a pool.  Flying over Seattle last week I was pretty surprised to see how many people had pools in their backyards.  It doesn't surprise me when I see backyard pools flying over somewhere like LA, but Seattle?  My mom grew up in California and had a pool in her backyard as a kid.  I think that would be so much fun.  I've been getting super jealous seeing Sarah's instagrams of her pool in Phoenix.  I want to visit so badly!  


dress/courtesy of abby galloway :: cardigan (similar)+ belt/thrifted
tights (similar)+ shoes(similar)/courtesy of modcloth 
hat(similar)/courtesy of lulu's :: necklace/courtesy of moorea seal :: photos by Dan

I kind of like how certain items in my closet are so seasonal.  I didn't wear these shoes all winter and now I can't keep them off my feet!  I still have a ton of shoes in "storage" in the Winne which I just never brought in after moving in December, so I'm sure there are summer shoes in there that I've totally forgotten about.  I'm pretty excited about finally being able to put winter coats in storage soon.  Bring on the sun!  The other day an ice cream truck drove by and it felt like summer was officially on its way, though I think that ice cream man may have been a bit overly optimistic.