life lately

Looking forward to...
Finishing the trim on the front of the house!  We had a break in the rain and were finally able to prime it, so now we just need another couple days to throw on a second coat of primer and then paint!  It looks so great now that it's all primed.

Excited about...
Going to my friend's bridal shower today!  Yay!  She was one of my bridesmaids, so it's fun seeing her on the other side.

Dan & I just started Supernatural the other day.  So far it seems all right.  We're always on the lookout for shows that have lots of seasons so we don't run out or catch up too fast.  We've been looking for something less... intense.  We stopped watching The Walking Dead because it's just so emotionally draining too be that tense!  We'll pick it up again sometime, but for now it's on hiatus.  The same thing happened with Game of Thrones.  Emotionally draining and intense.  We keep thinking about getting back into that one (I don't think we even made it through season 1), every time we over hear someone talking about how awesome it is.  I have a feeling Supernatural will be draining in the same way, but we'll see.  It'd be nice to find something like Doctor Who, which is engaging and awesome, but not so intense.  Anyone else feel like that about certain shows?  I couldn't make it through the first season of Breaking Bad because it was just too dark.  Maybe we're just pansies.  

My new favorite thing is...
This single serving chocolate cookie recipe.  So perfect for when you're craving a chocolate chip cookie, but you don't want a whole batch of cookies sitting around the kitchen to tempt you.  Two big, gooey, delicious cookies that are hot and fresh out of the oven in less than ten minutes?  Such a great evening treat.


a sea star on the beach in Juneau // dinner at home // good hair day
easter brunch with gpa // and gma // climber hands
sending off a disc of family photos! // before priming the trim, looks so much better after!
growing veggies indoors // found this pic of my bro and dad at gma + gpa's house!
fishtail braid with extensions! // a pic from years ago in NYC.  holding a snake.
my sweet love on a record store shopping trip