more myself

Long hairs!  I've been wanting to try out extensions for a while but haven't taken the plunge until now.  I like my hair at its current length, but every once in a while I miss doing big braids or other do's that require longer hair.  These extensions aren't a perfect match, the color is too dark (I didn't realize how red my tips were!  I photoshopped these images so it didn't look so weird, but I literally have redhead-red hair on my tips!), and they're not as curly, coarse, or thick as my hair, but they're pretty fun!  After I took these photos I went home and put it into a big fishtail braid, which I haven't been able to do for over a year!  My hair is long enough to kind of braid, but they're mostly just stumpy silly looking braids at the moment.  It's definitely fun to have long hair again, though.  When I cut my hair short it was the shortest it's been since I was a little kid, and growing it out has taken longer than I anticipated.  I'm finally feeling really comfortable and "myself" with it at its current length.  I didn't think it looked bad when it was shorter, but I'm enjoying it much more these days.  

top + jeans/courtesy of modcloth :: boots (similar)/target
shades (similar)/vintage :: hair extensions/courtesy of vpfashion

I feel like I'm finally reaching a point where my style is feeling more "myself" as well, these days.  If I look at pictures of my style from this time last year I was still dressing in a pretty girly way, with lots of dresses and florals, but I remember feeling a bit like a hermit crab who was about to outgrow its shell.  I was feeling a shift in my style but wasn't entirely sure as to what I was shifting towards.  I feel a lot more comfortable in my second skin this spring than I have probably in the last six months, maybe more.  This outfit is absolutely a departure from what I wore last spring, but I really like this funky little look.  When I first pulled this shirt out of the package I was planning on returning it, but then I left for Juneau and by the time I got back I figured it was too late to return anyhow and decided to give it a go. After wearing it, I really like it!  And I can see myself remixing it a few times at least, which makes it a good top in my book.  Plus, it's light and sheer, which will be great for summer.  I've been all about sheer tops lately, and this is my second one this season, so I'm predicting a trend.