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Some of you may remember

Musana Jewelry

from some of my outfit posts and giveaways, but last month I got to do something else fun with Musana!  After working with Musana as a partner here at Delightfully Tacky we decided to do something more IRL and I held a "Musana Market" in my home! Musana sent over some of their gorgeous jewelry and I threw a little party for friends and family to come over and shop, as well as enjoy tasty snacks and beverages.  It was a small little shindig, but I do enjoy entertaining.  Our last house was so small it was just plain uncomfortable for more than two extra people to be in the house, but this new house is great for small parties! Also, for the month of April, I'm 

Musana's brand ambassador


If you're not familiar with


, you should check them out!  Musana Jewelry is a social enterprise that employs, trains, and empowers Ugandan women to break their cycle of poverty and secure greater prosperity for themselves, their families, and their communities. Supported with English, business, and health training, Musana women have the opportunity to pursue their career goals and establish stability in their lives. One hundred percent of profits from jewelry sales in the U.S. return to the artisans and their community through paying their salaries and providing for Musana's social programming initiatives. For many women, this is their first opportunity to be financially independent from their abusive husbands, to send their children to school, and to pursue the education they never received. Every purchase with Musana is contributing to true grassroots development by improving the lives of Musana's ten artisans and their family, friends and larger community.  Pretty awesome, huh?  And if you want to support Musana during April, you can use the code APRIL15 to get 15% off your order!

If you want to host a Musana Market in your home or community, click


to find out more!  It's a fun excuse to throw a party and hang out, all while supporting a wonderful cause and company.  I had the opportunity to ask the artisans a question and have it answered for a little video to show at my party.  I asked them "What makes you feel beautiful?" and here is the answer...