remix archives // floral shirtdress

In the grand scheme of (blog) things, this is a pretty old piece in my closet.  Back when I first started my blog in 2008 and I was in the process of trying to figure out my style, shopping became a new experience.  I remember pretty distinctly going shopping one time and purchasing an outfit.  Like, a complete look.  Dress, top, shoes, maybe even tights, I can't recall.  This dress wasn't one of those items, but it was right during that time when I started to see shopping differently.  Instead of just buying a single item like, "oh that t-shirt is cool," I started thinking about how an item would function with the rest of my wardrobe.  What would I style it with?  Could it be worn in different ways?  I bought this dress from Ruche in '08, and it's still in my closet!  I find that I usually tend to wear it more in the autumn and winter months.  Something about the print is so autumnal to me, though Dan pointed out last time I wore it that it kind of looks like a Hawaiian print too.  It's a bit tight around my hips, so I wear it most frequently as top paired with a skirt.  I might try styling it as a dress again, though, because I kinda like that outfit where it's worn as a dress!  It's funny how going back through my old outfits can inspire me to try styling something in a way I haven't in years.