remixology // no. 1

As someone who loves remixing, I'm always up for a fun little challenge when it comes to looking at my clothes in new and creative ways.  I've enjoyed remix posts like Elsie + Emma's and Rebecca's, and while I've been doing Remix Archives posts for a while, I thought I'd mix up the remixing a bit and add in more of a challenge.  I was inspired by Elsie + Emma's remix posts and figured I'd give a little remix challenge a go!

For this remixology challenge I took four pieces from my closet and paired them with four items courtesy of Lulu's and created eight outfits out of those eight pieces.  Some of the pieces turned out to be a bit more challenging to remix than I had anticipated, but I had a lot of fun figuring out how to make things work!  I definitely want to do more remixology challenges, maybe I'll make it a monthly project.  I teamed up with Haley Hickman to do the photos for this remixology, and it was really fun to work with another photographer.  We had a blast and already have some other fun shoots planned.

The four pieces from my closet are a striped top, galaxy skirt, faux leather jacket, and heart top.

The four pieces from Lulu's are a white top, a black cutout dress, an obey tank top, and green polka dot jeans.

I accessorized the look with: black tights, quartz necklace, black boots, orange and blue heels, white beanie, blue hat, and yellow and green heels.

outfit #1: top + hat/thrifted :: tights + skirt + shoes/courtesy of modcloth
outfit #2: top + tights + skirt + tights + shoes/ courtesy of modcloth 
outfit #3: jacket/courtesy of asianicandy :: top/courtesy of lulu's :: skirt + tights/courtesy of modcloth :: shoes/payless

This galaxy skirt was pretty much born to be remixed, so I paired it with three different tops.  One of these looks is pretty much the same as this outfit, so I cheated a bit and added the green cardigan to show it a bit different.  Since the skirt is so bold, I noticed I tended to style it with black and white.  This white top is simple, but the subtle design on the front adds a little interest.  I think out of all the outfits in this remixology, though, the outfit with the striped top, galaxy skirt and hat is my favorite!  The top was a thrifting find and it's been part of some of my favorite recent outfits!  


outfit #4: top + dress/courtesy of lulu's :: tights/courtesy of modcloth 
boots/target :: hat/the north face
outfit #5: dress + shoes/courtesy of lulu's :: skirt/courtesy of modcloth
outfit #6: dress/courtesy of lulu's :: tights/courtesy of modcloth :: shoes/payless
jacket/courtesy of asianicandy

The foundation for these three outfits is a sexy little black dress with some fun cutouts at the waist.  Since I've been working out more, showing a little midriff skin isn't quite as intimidating, so I thought I'd try it out.  On its own, as in outfit #6, it's a sexy little number for a night out.  It's surprisingly versatile, though!  I toughened it up a bit and made it more casual by adding boots, a knotted tank, and beanie, and I think that might actually be my favorite outfit created with this dress!


outfit #7: top + shoes/courtesy of modcloth :: jeans/courtesy of lulu's
outfit #8: jacket/courtesy of asianicandy :: top/thrifted :: jeans/courtesy of lulu's :: boots/target

These jeans were just too much fun to pass up.  They sit a bit higher on the waist than regular low-rise jeans, which is nice.  They matched the color of the blue in my heels almost perfectly, which was a fun surprise!  I've already styled these jeans a third way in the past week, so that'll be on the blog soon too.  I've been enjoying more graphic prints these days, rather than florals and the like, and I'm definitely loving the neon trend that's happening this spring.  Pops of graphic, bright colors, rather than florals, are going to be my spring go-to this year.