remixology // no. 2

So this was supposed to be another 8 outfits from 8 pieces remixology, but when I went back and looked at the photos, I could only find 6 pieces!  For some reason I must've been including the shoes, which I would usually count as accessories, but either way I made 8 outfits out of 6 pieces instead of 8.  Unintentional increased degree of difficulty?  Anyway, for this challenge I styled four items from ModCloth and then pulled four (two?) pieces from my existing closet.

The four Modcloth items: Mint Jeans :: Faux Leather Leggings :: Black Skirt :: Zig Zag Top

The four items from my closet: Lace Top (similar) :: Rust Dress :: Orange & Blue Heels :: Mint Heels (similar)

Accessories: coral belt :: brown belt :: black belt :: moorea seal quartz necklace :: moorea seal chevron necklace :: mint shades :: vintage shades :: mint purse

For these first outfits I used the black hi-low skirt as the base.  I'm normally not a huge fan of hi-low skirts (mullet skirts?) but this one is so casual and comfy and I like the way the fabric hangs.  Because it's black it's super easy to pair with a bunch of different tops.  And depending on what you pair it with, you can either dress it up or go for a more casual, earthy look, like the outfit with the rust top (which is actually a dress).


outfit #1: top/courtesy of asianicandy :: skirt/courtesy of modcloth 
shoes/courtesy of seychelles :: necklace/courtesy of moorea seal :: shades/vintage
outfit #2: top + skirt + shoes/courtesy of modcloth :: belt/thrifted
necklace/courtesy of moorea seal
outfit #3: top(dress)/courtesy of mata traders :: skirt/courtesy of modcloth
shoes/courtesy of seychelles :: necklace/courtesy of moorea seal

I styled the skirt a fourth way here, wearing it as a strapless dress.  It actually works pretty perfectly as a dress if you just belt it!  You could even remix the dress by adding a cardigan or other top and change the look up a bit.  I feel like that black skirt has so much remixing potential!
It felt pretty natural to pair the rust dress with the lace top.  The dress on its own has such a natural, organic feel to it that pairing it with lace just seemed right.  

outfit #4: top/courtesy of asianicandy :: dress/courtesy of mata traders
shoes/courtesy of seychelles :: necklace/courtesy of moorea seal
outfit #5: dress(skirt)/courtesy of modcloth :: shoes/courtesy of seychelles
belt/thfited :: necklace/courtesy of moorea seal

I think these three outfits are my favorite from this Remixology challenge.  I've seen those mint jeans at ModCloth for over a year, but never really felt like I could pull them off.  I was still skeptical when I ordered them, but when they arrived, I fell in love and they fit great (though they are suuuper long on me, hence the bunching at the ankle.  I might alter them to be shorter).  The color is just the best shade of mint.  After seeing this outfit I really wanted to get my hands on some leather-esque leggings, and the ones featured here are great.  I had a pair quite a few years ago but I must've gotten rid of them when my style shifted towards a more girly look.  Now that I'm swinging back towards, well, whatever it's swinging towards, these leggings are definitely something I'm loving to rock.  I wore them out on the town Friday night with one of Dan's plaid flannel shirts and my leather moto jacket and felt pretty badass.  


outfit #6: lace top/courtesy of asianicandy :: jeans + shoes/courtesy of modcloth
belt/thrifted :: necklace/courtesy of moorea seal :: bag/courtesy of handbag heaven
outfit #7: top + leggings + shoes/courtesy of modcloth :: necklace/courtesy of moorea seal
belt/thrifted :: shades/vintage
outfit #8: top + jeans + shoes/courtesy of modcloth :: bag/courtesy of handbag heaven
necklace/courtesy of moorea seal :: shades/courtesy of lulu's :: jacket/courtesy of asianicandy