think spring

In the past year my style has changed pretty significantly.  A few of these outfits I definitely wouldn't wear this year, not because they are inherently bad or anything, just that my style is a bit different now.  But either way, these are a few of my favorite outfits from last spring.  Apparently I was all about polka dots and florals, but come on, they're so springy it's hard to resist them.  While my style this spring will be a bit different, I still think it's fun to go back and look at styles from previous seasons.  My favorites of all these are the top two outfits.  I actually still have almost all of these pieces, so maybe I'll remix them in a new and different way this spring.

Just today I hot a hankering to style up a wide brimmed hat, so maybe that element will make a return this spring.  My hat wearing this winter has been limited to beanies for the most part, but I do love me some hats.  Spring and summer are the perfect seasons for styling hats in fun ways.  I recently thrifted a new little hat (which I wore in my Remixology post), and I'm liking that one a lot.  Hats are perfect for those days where your hair is looking a little scraggly, but you're too lazy to wash it or do anything with it.  Throw a fabulous hat on: problem solved.