coffeeshop days

Since having a working bike again I've been enjoying getting out to coffee shops to work instead of staying at home.  We live far enough away from our favorite shops that walking would take too long and driving just seems excessive.  Plus, with all the nice weather lately taking a ride through the breeze with the sun on my skin feels so great.  It's supposed to be in the 80's this weekend and I'm dreaming about basking in the sun in a bikini with a cool drink in hand.  Last year we had a weekend of 80 degree weather in May, but I had flown up to Anchorage to attend my little brother's high school graduation, so I missed it!  We didn't have nice weather in Tacoma again until July.  People always say summers in the PNW are unbeatable, and I'm inclined to agree.  

dress/courtesy of nectar :: shoes (similar)/courtesy of modcloth :: belt/thrifted
bag (similar)/courtesy of handbag heaven
headband/just lovely things :: jacket (similar)/lulu's

These shoes are my absolute favorite summer shoes.  I got them back in 2010 and wear them to death every summer.  They started getting a bit frayed last summer so when I pulled them out yesterday I had to superglue them back together.  Hopefully with a bit of repair they'll last through this summer!  I love wedges for summer because they're easy to wear while pedaling a bike.  I even decided to paint my toenails to match the shoes.  I don't paint my fingernails anymore because they get ruined in a matter of days or hours due to rock climbing.  Plus, I have to keep them short to climb, so they look like little boy fingernails anyway, not really worthy of taking the time to paint.  Maybe someday if we stop climbing I'll grow them out and have pretty nails again, but for now my third-grade-boy-nails prevail.

Oh, and before I forget, I'm participating in Vanity Fair's Best Dressed Challenge, so if you feel inclined to check it out and vote (or participate as well!), click here!