eighty sixed

If you follow any PNW bloggers you're probably tired of hearing about the mindblowingly awesome weather we've been having this week.  But PEOPLE.  This is kind of a big deal.  I'm soaking it in as much as possible just in case it goes away and never comes back.  86 degrees in May?  Where even am I right now? 

The farmer's market nearby opened up today and we took a sunny, pleasant walk down to browse around and ended up grabbing some fresh asparagus and a delicious little bite of artichoke focaccia bread.  I could probably definitely eat a whole loaf on my own.  Our CSA share starts in June and I'm excited to supplement that with weekly trips to the farmers market. I have a rear rack on my bike that I'm gonna put a basket on so I can carry home all my fresh produce.  Hopefully in a few months my garden will start producing food too!  I had a bunch of strawberries that I had to move out of the way to install one of my raised beds, and I transplanted them to one of the raised beds and they are not happy.  I hope they survive!  They are totally wilty and sad looking.  I'm crossing my fingers that they're just shell shocked from being dug up and replanted and will bounce back soon.  This is my first year doing a veggie garden so I'm sure I'll learn a lot and probably kill a bunch of things.  It's a learning experience.  Eventually I want to build a few more bigger beds but maybe for this year I'll keep it just my three small beds.  It's so magical to plant a seed and see a little sprout push its way out of the dirt a week later.  

dress + shoes/courtesy of modcloth :: purse (similar)/courtesy of handbag heaven
turquoise necklace/courtesy of peerless charm :: shades/vintage
pink necklace/courtesy of lisa leonard :: belt/thrifted :: photos by Dan