goin' mobile

I spent most of yesterday editing photos and wearing sweats, but it was such a nice day it felt like a waste to spend the whole day indoors, so I threw on some shorts and went for a bike ride before the sun went down.  I've worn a very similar outfit before, but decided to tie the shirt this time.  Lately, tying shirts has been my go-to way to make things a bit more summer-y.  It's a fun way to give a different look to tops I've worn many times in the past.

I'm getting excited about my road trip this week.  I'm still debating whether to take the Winne or not.  The poor girl has been stationary since we got married in 2011, save a couple drives when we moved (she was our moving van), and her battery hasn't been holding a charge very well, despite being brand new.  I never had problems with her on my trip in 2010, which totaled about 11,000 miles, so I know she's a good rig, but it is a bit nerve wracking taking her out on a big trip after such a long time sitting.  I think I'll take her to the ol' Jiffy Lube to get a bit of a tune up and make sure all her fluids are good to go before I leave.  We're thinking making a permanent spot for the Winne in our backyard so we can have people visit and use it as a little guest "house" or maybe even an Airbnb rental.  And I still can't let go of the idea of turning her into a mobile vintage shop!  

Either way, I'm excited to get to hang out with my mom.  Originally we were going to road trip with my little brother, who is finishing his first year at college this week, but now he's flying home so he can start looking for a summer job, so it'll just be me and my mom!  I was remembering yesterday how when I was little I would dream about when I turned 16 and had my license.  I had a plan to go on a road trip with my mom when I turned 16, but it never happened, though we did go on a big family RV trip back in 2007.  So I'm a decade late on the mother-daughter RV trip thing, but it's finally happening!

top/courtesy of ruche :: shorts (similar)/target :: shoes (similar)/thrifted