going to the chapel

Phew! This week has been kind of crazy.  I left Tacoma last Thursday and spent two days driving down to Oakland to go to my cousin's wedding, and since then I've been over to Sacramento to visit family, and now I'm up just north of Crater Lake with no cell service but good enough internet to squeeze in a blog post before tomorrow morning.  This outfit is from last Saturday, when we went to the wedding.  I got this dress quite a while ago in 2011, and I don't really wear it that much, but it's a great summer dress, so I like to keep it around for just such an occasion as a fun summer wedding.

It was really fun to go to a family wedding and get to see all my family.  At my own wedding I barely even got to say "hi" to my family members, so it was nice to have that opportunity to connect with family who were at my wedding, but as a non-bride.  The wedding ceremony itself was very traditional, with hymns playing as the wedding party walked down the aisle, which was a different experience from my own wedding and the wedding I attended last Sunday, which had "Over the Rainbow" play as they came down the aisle and I had Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes for my wedding party processional.  Seeing lots of blogger weddings I forget how traditional weddings can be, having seen so many eclectic and modern unique weddings.  It was a beautiful wedding, though, and the reception was a blast.


dress/target :: shoes/courtesy of modcloth :: bag/courtesy of hearts
necklace/courtesy of adorn by sarah lewis :: photos by my mom

I've been kind of stressed out about how off the grid I am.  I have a lot of things I need to be doing that I simply can't do, and so I'm trying to tell myself to stop being anxious and stressed because I really can't do anything to solve that problem and I'll just have to catch up when I get home.  And to not be pre-stressed about how stressed I might be when I'm back home playing catch up.  Because then I'm stressed now and later, when really I'm just choosing to be stressed now about a situation I can't do anything about, so I might as well chill and put off the stress till later when I can do something.  Ya dig?