puppy sundays

The past few months Dan and I have been visiting a litter of Corgi puppies in the hopes that soon we'll be Corgi parents!  I don't know if we'll be able to get one from this litter, but it's been super fun to spend time with the cutest balls of fluff on the planet!  These photos were from about a month ago and we went last Sunday and they were so much bigger and running around like crazy!  So full of energy.  Right up until they all instantly fall asleep.  They move so fast that if you try to take photos when they're running around, you just have a bunch of pictures of brown blurs.  So here are sleeping Corgi puppies because they're cuter than blurs.  Even if we don't end up getting one, it's been really fun spending a couple hours every Sunday getting my puppy fix.

Being in the Winnebago makes me miss Little Bit.  She used to sleep next to my feet while I drove, or on the passenger seat, and there's still tons of Little Bit fur covering the floor and seat where she used to lay.  Driving down here by myself made me realize how much company she really was on my big trip. I think it would've been much more lonely without her, and I'm glad my parents let me take her with me.  The companionship of a dog is such a special thing.  Little Bit was really my Dad's dog.  She used to jump up on him while he was sitting and with her feet on his chest would press her face onto his.  I'd love to have a loving canine companion like that someday!