Because I'm really great at planning ahead I totally spaced that I would be busy driving and have no time for blogging whatsoever.  I'm currently in Southern Oregon, though only for a few more minutes as I grab some internet at the campground before gassing up and heading down to California!  It's been so great being on the road in the Brave again.  It's like all the world is aligned when we're driving together.  Despite being neglected and having sat stationary for about a year and a half (sorry love!), she seems to be running like a champ.  We had a weird engine hiccup for a second, but it hasn't returned, so hopefully the remainder of the trip will go off without a hitch.  

She'd been sitting under a tree for a year at our old place and the front end was coated in thick organic gunk, so the day before I left I decided it would be embarrassing for her to have to be seen in such a state, and even though it was raining outside, I gave her a scrub down.  It's amazing how well she cleans up!  She looks almost new again!  Her forehead crunch looked so much worse with the grime accentuating, it, but when she's clean it's barely noticeable (a couple owners ago she was driven into the roof of a garage or something...).

Okay, well, we're off to the wild blue yonder!