the californians

It's supposed to be 100 in Sacramento this weekend, but it was still a bit chilly when we camped there.  Well, it wasn't really "chilly," but perhaps slightly too chilly for swimming, but we were in California so we went swimming.  It gave me an excuse to finally wear my new Ofabz bikini!  We only soaked for a few minutes, but it felt good to get in the water.  After drying off we walked to a nearby gas station to procure some beer, as we had sorely neglected relaxing beverages on our Safeway trip earlier in the day.  I love Sacramento evenings, they are always the perfect temperature, and as we walked back from the gas station, six pack in hand, the crickets had already started their nightly song.  We cracked one open to share and walked around the park.  It was Sunday night and full of campers still having fun on their Memorial Day Weekend.  We ended up finding a campfire that someone had left smoldering after making s'mores and enjoyed the last of its warmth as we finished our beer and reminisced about our big family RV trip in '07.   

The next day we decided to drive up Hwy 99 instead of I-5, as I had just driven down 5 and it's a bit boring.  The entire drive was through tree groves and orchards, and we speculated what the trees might bear, but never saw a single sign to let us in on what all was being grown!  We decided that stopping for some locally grown fruit and nuts was a must, so we pulled over at one of the many fruit stands and got a few tasty items.  I haven't eaten my peach yet, but I watched my mom eat hers and it was the juiciest fruit I've ever seen!  She had a giant peach juice puddle on the table by the end.  

I think we'll probably be back in Tacoma by tomorrow night, which will make it a weeklong trip total.  Much shorter than my 3 month trip back in 2010, but still wonderful.  I'm excited for more short trips this summer.  Dan and I really want to go camping, hiking, and climbing!  He's never taken a trip with me in the Brave, so it'll be fun to finally spend the night in it together!