friends forever

I've been pretty busy this week.  Lots of last minute design work and photo editing!  Some of that design work included revamping my best friend's resume so she can start looking for jobs in Tacoma!  I'm super excited to be able to hang out with my best friend consistently.  We haven't lived in the same place since we graduated high school in 2005.  Come to think of it, we haven't even lived closer than 2000 miles.  We've been able to visit once in a while, whether its both of us being home in Alaska for Christmas break, or stopping by on a random trip, or her being in town to be the MOH in my wedding. I think she'll love this town, though the rainy winters might be a deal breaker.  I'm stoked to give her the grand tour of one of my favorite cities.  She's visited a few times and knows a few of my special spots here, but there's so much more, and a lot of new places have opened up since then!  She's really excited to try out rock climbing, too, so that'll be fun to share with her.

Honestly, it's just going to be so wonderful to be able to share physical space with one of my favorite human beings.  Someone who knows me more than almost anyone else on the planet.  Someone who can know what I'm thinking without saying a word.  Someone who's been through every experience with me since we were 13 years old.  It's so refreshing to be able to hang out with someone and not have to do the whole background story thing.  You can make references to past inside jokes and know that the person will get it instantly.  You don't have to explain what you mean when you say something, they just understand exactly where you're coming from. 


dress + shoes/courtesy of modcloth :: bag/courtesy of my remedy :: shades/courtesy of lulu's
turquoise necklace/courtesy of peerless charm :: quartz necklace/courtesy of lisa leonard