just for pictures

Sometimes I like putting together an outfit, even if I take it off shortly after taking photos of it.  It's usually because, while I really love the pieces paired together, I don't feel like wearing that particular outfit at the moment.  But, since I have it on, it seems logical to photograph it before taking it off so I don't have to do so later when I maybe will wear the outfit all day.  It was just ever so slightly too cold to wear these shorts yesterday, but I loved this outfit, so I snapped some photos before changing into something more practical for the day's temperature.  It ended up warming up later in the day, so I could've kept wearing this outfit, but oh well!  In the past I haven't been a short shorts person, but lately I've been loving them.  These shorts are so stretchy and comfortable, they're easy to love.  And they're high-waisted.  And have pockets.  They kind of remind me of those vintage black and white photos of fabulous ladies on the beach.

Today ended up being one of those overwhelmingly stressful days unexpectedly (don't you love when random phone calls do that?) and I've got that cry-hangover feeling, so I'm going to meet a friend for coffee and hope that helps a bit with the recovery.  It's sunny and beautiful, so I think I'm going to bike there.  Biking always seems to lift the spirits.  Something about getting my blood pumping and feeling the fresh air finger its way through my hair as I pedal along.  


top/courtesy of tailor & stylist :: shorts/courtesy of modcloth
shoes/courtesy of blowfish :: necklace/courtesy of lisa leonard