nineteen seventy

This old girl has been a bit fussy lately.  One of those fix-one-thing-another-thing-breaks type of scenarios.  Hopefully she'll be up and running soon.  It's weird to think I've already had her over a decade.  One of our friends walked by and was talking about how he just bought a big, old suburban and can literally fit his whole body inside the engine compartment and I laughed.  Over the years of working on this car I've found myself sitting entirely inside her engine compartment many a time.  You could close the hood while I was in there and I'd still be able to move around.  I love how simple old cars are.  I look inside an engine compartment of a car newer than 1990 and it's all computery and looks nothing like an engine.  While I'd love to have an electric car someday, I have no clue how they work whatsoever!  Combustion engines are a bit complicated, but they're pretty straightforward.  

top + shorts/courtesy of modcloth :: shades/vintage

Back when I was 16 or 17, my best friend and I had a silly pin-up photoshoot with this car in my backyard.  We put on bikinis and did our best sexy poses, which weren't very sexy, at least not in retrospect.  I still have the photos laying around on my external hard drive and I run across them every once in a while.  Even though they're terrible, I still love thinking back on those silly high school times. I'm reminded of staying up late, watching movies, and eating brownie batter.  Passing notes in class (is that a thing of the past now that texting exists?  If so, what a shame).  Getting our hearts broken by stupid boys.  So strange to think that I'm the grown-up version of that person.  Well, at least in 16 year old me's mind, 26 year old me was "grown up."  Who knows if I'll ever actually feel or be grown up.