summer lovin'

I got this dress this time last year, and I think I've only worn it once since then, but the other day it was sunny and warm outside and this dress felt like the perfect thing for such a day.  I kind of felt like a popsicle.  A stripey one, like a firecracker or something.  Firecrackers are my favorite.  Whenever the ice cream truck came around (which was like twice a year in Anchorage) I always wanted a firecracker.  I actually have a box of firecrackers in my fridge leftover from last summer.  I like to have them on hand.  You know, just in case.

While I was taking these photos a strange fellow approached me with his daughter and started bugging me about what I was doing and asking me to take photos of his daughter.  Last time I was approached like that it turned into a crazy story, so I was pretty ready to get out of there and avoid another bizarre interaction.  Luckily it turned out to be less weird, concluding with him insisting I look at "the most amazing and artistic thing ever," which he thought I'd appreciate as an artist.  I thought we were going to a grafitti wall or something, but no.  We stopped in front of a pile of sticks on the side of the alley.  Oh man.  He also insisted I give him my business card so I could take more photos of his daughter, and I didn't have any on me, and the only way to get him to go away was to give him my "phone number." Which turned out to be 9 randomly selected numbers.  Thankfully I got a few good shots in before he interrupted, because I booked it out of there as soon as possible.  Oh blogging.

dress/courtesy of modcloth :: shoes/courtesy of blowfish
shades/courtesy of lulu's

Dan is training for a new job where he's going to be a dedicated cook!  He used to be a "cook" and barback, and I use quotations because he wasn't really cooking food, just making tapas and other small plates and sandwiches that don't require cooking per se.  But he's getting excited about learning all these cooking techniques and I'm kind of jealous that he's getting all this sweet training and cooking knowledge!  Last night he got inspired to try and cook a steak after watching an episode of Good Eats. I don't think either of us has cooked steak before, so it was kind of an experiment, but it turned out!  It was a fun little treat since I don't really eat a ton of meat anymore, especially something like steak.  Taking a cooking class is one of my 26 before 27 goals, so maybe I'll look into it!  I just realized it's already halfway through 2013 and I'm nowhere near completing my goals.  So it goes.