time flies

A new week.  How do we get here over and over again?  Wasn't it Monday just yesterday?  Time is such a crafty little fox.  It seems to get better at tricking me as I get older too.  When we were kids days and weeks dragged on, lasting forever.  I miss those endless days as a child.  Especially summer days of waking up in the morning and playing until... well, in Alaska the sun didn't go down far enough for it to get dark, but you know what I mean.  Until your parents told you to come inside and brush the dirt off.  I wish adult days lasted that long.  Remember when an hour seemed like an eternity?  Now it's like an hour is nothing.  I have an hour to do something?  That's not enough time!  I sit down to write a few sentences and look up and an hour has passed already.  I wake up, open my laptop to check email, facebook, etc, and the next thing I know I've been awake and hour and my cereal is gone and coffee is half drank.  


top/courtesy of wildlife works :: tandem tour shorts + cardigan/courtesy of modcloth
necklace/courtesy of adorn by sarah lewis :: tights/target
custom hat/courtesy of tittle millinery :: shoes/courtesy of minnetonka