art on the ave

This time last year I sauntered up to 6th Ave to get some coffee at Bluebeard and as I turned the corner onto 6th I was met with throngs of people, booths lining the sides of the street, and music bumping from various outdoor venues.  I had happened upon Art on the Ave, which I had never heard of before (though, being a newb Tacoman, is probably understandable).  I had plans that day, so I couldn't explore, but when I heard about Art on the Ave again this year I was determined to check it out.  The day couldn't have been more perfect for it.  It was sunny and gorgeous and just hot enough, but not roasting.  Girls were walking around in cut offs and bikini tops and dudes were wearing shorts with their shirts, which they'd obviously peeled off after realizing how hot it was, tucked in to their back pockets.  It was actually really fun and I wished I'd allocated more time to browsing around and checking out the musicians and booths!  

Dan and I walked up and down the street checking out festivities before deciding that hydration in the form of Coronas with lime was needed pronto, so we headed up to Masa's sundeck, which ended up being perfect for people watching, and also for spotting friends, two of whom came up and joined us for beers with chips and salsa.  


skirt + shoes/courtesy of modcloth :: top (similar)/american eagle outfitters :: hat/thrifted
 leaf necklace :: courtesy of duplika handmade :: bag(similar)/courtesy of handbag heaven
quartz necklace/courtesy of adorn by sarah lewis :: photos of me by Dan

After Art on the Ave we headed out to see a movie!  Dan's parents gave us a coupon for two free movie tickets, and Dan's been geeking out about seeing Pacific Rim for months now, so we went and saw that.  We almost never go out to see movies (though I've been wanting to see the new Star Trek for a while now, maybe on Tuesday for $5 movie night!), so it was a fun treat to go to the theater.  I spent too much money on popcorn and soda, but it was a special occasion.  They do like to charge you an arm and a leg for that stuff, don't they?  Anyway, we really liked the movie.  I was excited to see Charlie Day show up (Charlie from Always Sunny in Philadelphia), as well as Idris Elba whose work I've enjoyed in Luther.