Life has been going non-stop lately, and it doesn't look like it's gonna slow down for a while.  I leave on Thursday for Austin to speak at the Texas Style Council Summer School, then next week we bring home our new pup, then I'm throwing a party for my best friend Kristina, as a welcome-to-Tacoma-here-meet-some-awesome-people type thing.  Hopefully after that things will settle down for a bit.  I can't believe it's nearly August.  There were some blackberry bushes right next to where I was taking these photos and there were ripe blackberries on them already!  The end is nigh!  Actually I'm kind of excited because I'm reminded of how many pounds of blackberries and blueberries we got for free last year by just foraging.  They lasted for quite some time into the winter in our freezer!

This past week has been a sort of pre-TxSC for me in the PNW.  I met up with Colleen (and her man) from Pretty Prudent last Friday and we enjoyed tacos and fruity cocktails on Masa's sundeck while talking for hours.  Then on Sunday I headed up to Seattle to have brunch with Julie and some of the ladies from Modcloth who were in town to attend the Timber! Music Festival.  Julie and I ended up hanging out for the entire afternoon, hitting up the Fremont Sunday Market and a couple vintage shops in Ballard... and getting gelato, because, well, because.  I'll get to see Julie in less than a week in Austin, but it's always fun to get to see people in your stomping grounds and show them neat local places.  We were scheming ways to convince Modcloth to open an office in Seattle so we could both work there and she could move to the PNW.  But srsly Modcloth, open an office in Seattle because the PNW is the bee's knees.  

dress/courtesy of modcloth :: shoes/courtesy of bali elf 
shades/courtesy of lulu's :: bag/courtesy of hearts