here + there

It's been forever since I did my last post with photos from here + there.  I've been trying to carry my camera around more, just to capture things I think are beautiful.  Now that farmer's market season is in full swing I love capturing all the beautiful natural things.  Flowers, fresh produce, treats, dogs.  There are so many cute dogs at farmer's markets.  I cannot wait until we get to take our little pup to the market.  Today I was at the market and there were two little Jack Russels, a smooth and a rough coat and it reminded me of our old dogs Little Bit and Pansy.  LB was a smooth/broken coat and Pansy had a rough coat.  


I did Warrior Dash last Saturday and got the results back on Tuesday.  I placed 23rd out of 1097 women in my age group (20-29) at 33:19.85!  I felt pretty good about it, especially having been my first 5k race!  I ran track in high school but nothing further than 400 meters.  I never fancied myself much of a long distance runner and never did Cross Country.  I like it though!  I especially liked the obstacle aspect of Warrior Dash.  There were quite a few spots where I had to walk due to a bottle neck, so I know I could definitely do better next time!  My shoes rubbed my feet so bad that I got the worst, nastiest blister ever.  I figured I'd run in my bad shoes and throw them in the discarded shoe pile after the race, but man did they give me a farewell blister.  So now I'm shoeless until I go out and get a new pair of running shoes.  My best friend is a huge fan of the Vibram toe shoes, so I might give those a try.  Until then, any training for future races is on hold.  Oh well!

We're incredibly in love with our CSA.  We have a half share so we pick up every other week, rather than every week, and it's so much produce.  I've been having fun learning how to cook things I never would've cooked before.  It's nice having an excuse to stretch my culinary horizons.  I'd never had kale, chard, or fava beans before our CSA!  Now I've cooked all three.  We also just signed up to get local milk delivered bi-weekly by Smith Farms, which I'm excited about!  They deliver local milk, eggs, bread, yogurt and more, which I didn't realize.  I thought it was just milk!  We'll be testing that out to see how we like it, but I'm pretty on board with it.  

It's so cool to be able to know the people growing your food.  Our CSA farmer is so nice.  She knows me by name and she personally bags my produce.  It's wonderful to show up to the farmers market with empty tote bags and leave with them overflowing with locally grown food.  I recently read this post about choosing locally grown food and it really resonated with me.  Mostly because I've had all the same thoughts, but have never put them all down in one place.  It's exciting to feel a momentum towards more locally grown food. 

I talked on the phone with my mom recently and Thanksgiving came up, and where we're going to go for Thanksgiving this year.  It's crazy to think that we're so far into 2013 that we're talking about Thanksgiving already.  It's also weird to think about all that will be different by then.  My little brother is going to a new college this year, so we'll get to hear how he likes his new school.  Dan & I will have a dog, and everyone will get to meet her!  We'll have celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. Who knows what else will be new by then.  Time keeps on slippin' slippin' slippin' into the fuuuuutuurrrre...