midcentury soiree

I love dressing up for parties.  Like... a lot.  Like, I spend hours getting ready.  I mean, if it's a bring-a-12-pack-and-yourself type of party I don't, but if there is any sort of theme... oh baby.  I get fancy so rarely that I love the excuse to take that extra time.  I'm glad my hair is long enough now to do more fun hairstyles.  The beehive has returned!  I've gotten a few requests for my scarf updo from the white dress post last week, so I think I might try to photograph that this week.  It's super easy and has been my go-to hairdo during this little heat wave we're having.  It's also how I dry my hair, so I do that hairstyle after I shower and have to go out in the world while my hair is still wet.

But anyway, back to the party.  Our friend Ruthy turned 35 and threw a fun Mad Men party at her new midcentury modern home!  They bought their new house around the same time as we did, and have also been in the grips of home renovation (they've redone their entire kitchen so far!).  And yes, they have a pool.  I think they are as confused as I as to why anyone thinks installing an outdoor pool is a good idea in the PNW, but on weeks like this past week, it sure does sound magical!  Unfortunately their pool isn't in working order at the moment otherwise that's where you'd find me every day this week.  


dress (similar)/courtesy of modcloth :: shoes + brooch/vintage

Despite the heat wave I decided to wear my "Joan" dress.  This is honestly a much more winter-party friendly dress, but I have so few opportunities to wear it that I decided to deal with the heat and wear it anyway.  Out of the five options I had it was the only one that wasn't real vintage, but oh well (and I've actually worn this exact same outfit on the blog before).  Dan actually was mostly vintage, wearing his grampa's shirt and tie!  There was a martini bar and candy cigarettes, so everyone looked very Mad Men indeed.  


photobooth photos by LMR Photos