my fitness routine // making time to workout

When I first started working out it seemed like a lot of time.  I had never worked out every day, and spending 15 minutes to an hour doing something that seemed unnecessary felt like a lot of time to be "wasting."  It was definitely a shift that I had to make, mentally.  There are so many other things I could do with 35 minutes of my day than do a workout!  I could be answering emails, working on design clients' projects, editing photos, paying bills!  But really, it's not about making time as much as organizing time.  We give time to what we think is important.  Is fitness something that you want to make a priority?  Find a way to carve out that 35 minutes.

Insanity month 1 workouts are about 35-40 minutes long each, and the month 2 workouts are about 50-60 minutes long.  Month 2 workouts definitely are harder for me to find time to do.  An hour feels much longer than 35 minutes (especially when your ass is getting kicked).  Maybe an hour is simply too long for you and you can't figure out how to make time, sometimes I can't!  That's totally fine!  Keep doing the workouts that fit into your schedule.  A shorter workout is still better than no workout.  Jillian Michaels has workout videos that are around 20 minutes each.  I have her 30 Day Shred DVD and I believe each one of those workouts is 20 minutes, which isn't bad.  I know Shaun T (the guy who created Insanity) just came out with a new workout DVD called T25, which are all only 25 minute workouts.  I haven't tried them yet, but I'm interested simply because they're shorter and easier to fit into a busy schedule.  My best friend really likes Bob Harper's workout DVD's but I'm not sure how long those are.

There are tons of workouts out there (even lots of free ones to be found on Hulu!).  Some super long, some super quick.   The bottom line is, if you want to be more fit, you have to commit to carve out time for it.  It might mean sacrificing time in order to fit in a workout.  Figure out your priorities and commit.  Maybe make a meal that cooks in the oven for 40 minutes, and while it's cooking, do your workout.  Then you're making dinner and working out simultaneously.  Put your laundry in the dryer and then do your workout while it's drying.  Don't waste time scrolling mindlessly through your Facebook feed.  Morning person?  Hit the gym before work (I could never in a million bajillion years ever do this.  But people do, so I hear it's possible).  Take an inventory of your time and figure out where you can cut out unnecessary things like checking social media.  Some times it won't be easy.  There are days where I prioritize other things over working out, like spending quality time with people I love, or going on a fun trip.

Something that I know about myself is that I have to workout at home.  If I have to get in the car, go to the gym, and then workout, it's about 90% less likely to happen.  I workout at home.  And If I can work out in my minuscule living room at our old house (I had about a 6 x 3 ft area to do my workout), then so can you.  I currently do my workout in my kitchen.  Remove as many excuses as possible, and you'll only be left with the realization that you can workout if you want to... you just have to do it.

What I love about Insanity is that it squeezes a super intense workout into a relatively small amount of time.  I don't have time to spend 4 hours at the gym everyday.  But I like an intense workout because I actually feel like I'm getting into shape.  So you can also be savvy with your time by doing workouts that are going to do the most in the smallest amount of time.

At this point in my life I cannot imagine having time for a baby.  But I know that when I have a kid, it will become a priority and I will naturally make time for that child.  Working out doesn't come as naturally as motherhood (I don't think, at least), but when you make it priority, you'll find the time.   But don't just expect time to appear when you make it a priority.  You'll have to plan.  Make a plan for when you're going to work out.  Dan used to work the closing shift, so I'd have the house free from about 7pm to 2am and that's when I would schedule my workout.  Now he works during the day, so I usually do it in the afternoon.

If you're super motivated by something, identify that thing.  Put a buck in a jar every time you workout and once you reach a goal amount, take yourself out for a treat, or go on a vacation.  Give yourself a little treat after every workout (though nothing too crazy, otherwise, you're probably just nullifying the work you just did, haha).  I personally love checking things off lists.  I have my workout schedule on the fridge and I put a little piece of cute washi tape over every workout after I finish it.  Then I can visually see how many days in a row I've successfully done my workout, and I can tell how many days left I have until I reach my goal.  I also used to have my workout in my daily-to-do app on my phone, so I'd check it off there, as well as logging it on my fitness app.  If you like to see how many calories your burning or how many steps you take in a day, there are pedometers and other gadgets you can get which can track your progress in that way too.  Working towards a goal like running your first 5k or half marathon is another great way to stay on the wagon!  Or, you know, schedule a sexy boudoir shoot for the day after you finish your workout goal.  You'll work extra hard to look great for that photo shoot!