t-town barbie

I learned from reading Tom & Lorenzo long ago that matching all your accessories is tacky and something that only Barbie should do.  Despite this knowledge there are times when I just can't not do it.  I didn't even realize that I did it in this outfit.  Shoes, bag, shades.  Mint.  Well, I'm not sure anyone ever said I was a sophisticated broad, so matchy-matchy it is.  T-Town Barbie I shall be.  T-Town Barbie has no boobs, a big ass and tangly brown hair.  She comes with your choice of a '73 Winnebago, '70 El Camino, or a Goodwill bike.  Matchy-matchy accessories sold separately.

Speaking of non-traditional Barbies, have you seen the "real" Barbie?  Someone took the CDC measurements of the average 19 year old woman and made a Barbie doll based on those measurements, and she looks awesome!  Standing next to a regular Barbie she makes the original look bizarre.  My favorite is the side view where you can see she totally has thighs and a booty!  Even her head and face look more natural.  Even though she still only represents one size (and relatively slender, at that), it's nice to see a body shape that is actually biologically attainable, rather than something totally bizarre and not based in reality.  Seeing them side by side you can tell how abnormal regular Barbie's dimensions are.


dress (worn as top)/courtesy of lace affair :: belt + skirt(similar)/thrifted
shades (similar)/courtesy of lulu's :: purse (similar)/courtesy of handbag heaven
necklaces (long similar, short similar)/courtesy of jewelmint 

I opted not to wash my hair after working out the other day, in lieu of the decidedly less time consuming option of figuring out a style that would hide post-workout sweaty, slightly limp hair.  I figured putting it in a fancy pony would take less time than washing and drying.  I'd seen this tutorial on Pinterest earlier in the day so it seemed like a prime time to give it a try.  I think it'll work a bit better when my hair is longer and I have a bigger ponytail, but I like the twisty effect it gives the back.  Pretty, simple, and easy.  I'm for it.  My hair is getting to the length stage of being able to do more fun styles, which is exciting.  I still can't wait for my giant mane to return.  It's getting there.  In other hair news, I'm actually doing the growing-out-the-bangs thing and it's not driving me nuts!  We'll see how long the sans-bangs thing lasts before I see a picture on Pinterest that sends me launching towards the scissors.  But for now, I'm happy with this growing out game.