dinner date

This was the dress I had originally planned on wearing to prom, and after deciding to wear the sequined number to prom, I still wanted to give this dress a wear.  A bunch of us went out to dinner at Guero's before prom, so I wore this dress to dinner.  I love Guero's.  We went there twice last year, and I knew I had to go there again this year.  It was a big group, with Savannah and Jenny from Maiedae, Tieka, the gals from Brickyard Buffalo, Katie from Skunkboy, Elsie and Emma from A Beautiful Mess (and all their menfolk).  It was a great way to fuel up before all the evening's festivities, and boy did I need fuel.  I didn't even know how much dancing I'd be doing!


dress/courtesy of lulu's :: necklace/francesca's collection :: shades/vintage
clutch/courtesy of hearts :: outfit photos taken by tieka :: group shot from savannah

I know I haven't touched much on the conference itself yet, but it's just easier to do outfit posts at the moment.  I have lots of thoughts on the conference, so I will definitely be posting about it and the workshop I led.  It's actually been really nice having tons of outfits from TxSC to post because I've been mostly just wearing yoga leggings and hoodies since we got the puppy.  If having a puppy is any indicator of having a baby, then I can pretty much guarantee there aren't going to be outfit posts for the first month after I have a kid, at least.  Leggings, Y U so comfy?  I'm all for an outfit you can sleep in, then wake up and proceed to wear the rest of the day.  As much as I like getting dressed in an outfit that makes me feel awesome, I'm just not going to do that when I'm waking up at 7 to take the puppy out.  Because, let's be real, I'm going back to sleep for an hour when we come back inside.  I fell asleep on the kitchen floor with Dusty one morning this past week after taking her out at 7 AM.  Like, really fell asleep.  I had some weird dreams.