golden girls

I have a ton of pictures from Sunday's party, so I thought I'd do a dedicated outfit post, rather than trying to put everything in one post.  I got this dress on Saturday and when I tried it on I knew I wanted to wear it for the party.  It's a Judith March dress, and I have another one of her dresses which is a favorite of mine, so I knew I'd love this one.  Even though I'm still in summer mode I've pretty much stopped looking at summery clothes.  Around this time of year I start looking towards winter and fall when I'm shopping for clothes, and I thought that this dress, while very summery, would also work nicely in the fall, with its autumnal colors.  Paired with some tights and boots?  The only thing that might ruin that plan is that the bow on the back would make me look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame if I tried layering a cardigan over it... I need to scheme a solution to that.  But! If you're interested in this dress, it's on super sale at ModCloth right now for only $37!  Only size small is still left, and the dress does run a little small, but if you were thinking of getting this dress, now is the time!

dress/courtesy of modcloth :: necklace(similar)/ruche
shoes(similar)/courtesy of seychelles :: photos by Dan

I didn't know what Kristi was going to wear to the party, but we ended up kind of matching, or at least coordinating.  The yellow in my dress was almost the exact same as the yellow of her dress.  For those wondering, her dress is from Forever 21.  I've been going shopping with Kristi for interview outfits at Forever 21 and it's so weird to be in a Forever 21 again!  I haven't been in one in probably over a year.  They're so overwhelming!  But I can't deny there were some cute things there that I really wanted.  I tried a few things on, just for fun, even though I knew I couldn't buy anything.

Dusty had a blast, of course.  So much excitement, so many pets, so much lovins.  The party was to welcome Kristi to Tacoma, but I think Dusty may have stolen the show a bit.  I mean, how can something that cute not steal every show?  She can't help it.