meet dusty!

We have a tiny new furry family member!!  While I was sad to leave all my friends at TxSC, I knew we were taking home our little pup on Tuesday, which made coming home all the more exciting.  We couldn't be more thrilled with our little gal.  She is so well behaved, doesn't whine at night, and so far there have been no potty accidents!  I'm kind of blown away. We went to the vet yesterday afternoon to make sure she was healthy, and she passed with flying colors.  We named her Dusty, after Dusty Springfield who sings Son of a Preacher Man, our first dance song.  We could not for the life of us pick a name, but we just ended up calling her Dusty and it seems to fit her just fine.

One of the many reasons I wanted to get a puppy was to start the process of understanding what it means to be a parent.  While having a human child is different in many ways, I already feel my heart shifting to a place where it "gets" being a parent.  Kind of a weird feeling.  This little fuzzball already has such a large part of my heart.  She is our little bebe corgs.  All she wants to do is snuggle and, uh, I'm pretty okay with that.  Like, forever. 



We celebrated with a gift of a little wine on the occasion of bringing our canine daughter home.  We thought about doing a champagne, since champagne is typically a celebratory beverage, but we thought the popping of the cork might scare Dusty.  A nice white Chardonnay seemed like a better choice.  Plus if she knocked it over it wouldn't stain, haha!  I'd never had Sofia Chardonnay, and it's actually a pretty new wine just released in May, but it was really light, refreshing, and quite enjoyable.
I seriously cannot with that face and the little feets.  She's a fluffy corgi, which is a little different from the normal coat.  Apparently it's a recessive gene, so they aren't super common, but I've also heard that they shed a bit less than normal coat Corgis, so that's cool if it's true!  And maybe she'll stay a little warmer in the winters.  Since she's a fluffy, she can't show due to the coat not being the proper length for the breed, but we weren't planning on showing anyway.  Though it would be super fun to do agility with her!  My mom and I watched a dog show with agility courses a few years ago and it was so much fun.  It reminded us of a mini version of horse showing!  Plus, Corgis jumping over tiny fences is slightly hilarious and adorable.

I'll try not to bombard you guys with too many bebe corg pictures.  This post is a little overkill but there were just too many cute ones and my editing skills disappeared.  I can't say the same for my instagram.  I've seen tons of people who create a whole new instagram account for their Corgi!  I just feel like it would be annoying to sign in and out all the time, but that could be a fun solution to overrunning my personal instagram with Dusty photos.  We shall see.

*Wine provided by Francis Ford Coppola winery. Thanks for supporting those companies which help keep Delightfully Tacky alive and kicking!