Prom was amazing.  So amazing that I have too many photos to share, so I'm gonna do it in two posts.  First thing's first: the outfit.  I got this dress at the Lulu's swap on Friday and I'm SO glad I snagged it.  The dress I was planning on wearing to prom didn't fit quite right and even though I tried it on before leaving for TxSC, when I put it on again in Austin, I realized it wouldn't do well for any dancing situations until I hemmed it and fitted the bust more.  So I wore that dress to dinner, but then switched into this sassy little number for Prom!  I'm so glad I did because it was the perfect dress for the evening.  It's one of those things you put on and you're like, "Oh yeah, I'm definitely a bombshell tonight."  So funny how the right clothes can really just make you feel like a million bucks.


dress/lulu's via swap :: shoes/courtesy of modcloth :: necklace/francesca's collection
photos taken by moorea 

I really enjoyed that this year's party theme was Prom.  I think it allowed people to feel like they could enjoy themselves, rather than feeling like they needed to be networking and meeting brands.  I had way more fun hanging out with people, meeting new people, and dancing my feet to shreds on the dance floor.  There was a dance competition during the night and Julie, Amanda, Mallory, and I all were picked as finalists after the first round and were going to compete in a "dance off" 30 minutes after the first competition, but 30 minutes turned into 2 hours and we never did the dance off!  We just kept dancing because we thought the dance off would be any minute, so we just ended up dancing like crazy for two hours.  It was a blast though.  You can actually see us dancing in the background of Elsie and Emma's video from the night!

The craziest thing that happened at Prom?  My actual prom date from freshman year in 2002 was there.  It was the most bizarre moment.  He was there with his wife who is a new blogger, and they live in Texas now.  Meeting your prom date at Prom themed party, who you haven't seen since high school, from Anchorage Alaska, at a blog conference party in Austin Texas... is just too weird.  I haven't talked to him since 2005, so it was certainly a crazy serendipitous meeting!