saturday afternoon

I am a night owl.  Dyed in the wool.  100%.  Going to Austin meant I was two hours ahead of Washington time, so when I woke up at 7:30 AM, I was really waking up at 5:30.  Honestly it wasn't that hard because everything felt so exciting and I think that anticipation helped with the waking up process.  I'm pretty much a dead person when I fall asleep, and waking up seriously feels like I'm being raised from the dead.  All that to say that I'm glad I had that shock to the system in Austin of waking up way early, because the next day after TxSC we got Dusty and now I'm up at 7:45-8:45 every morning.  I can't remember the last time I woke up that early this many days in a row without school or a job forcing me to do so.   We make our coffee as pour-over so we only make one cup for each of us, but having one of those coffee machines that you can set to automatically start in the morning sounds awesome now.

This outfit I actually wasn't planning on wearing for TxSC, I had brought it for Monday when I was traveling home.  Saturday morning, though, I was standing around preparing for my workshop to start, and about 20 minutes before my workshop was going to start, I sneezed and the strap on my dress broke!  It was one of those things where you're like... Really?!  Now?  So I ran back to my room (thankfully the workshops were being held in the same hotel where I was staying!) and switched into this outfit.  On Saturday I wore four outfits.  I felt like Beyonce with all my costume changes.  It was fun though.  This "costume change" wasn't planned, and actually the other one wasn't really either but it all worked out.  I got to wear a weeks worth of outfits over one weekend!


dress + shoes(similar)/courtesy of modcloth :: hat/courtesy of tittle millinery
necklace/moorea seal :: bag/courtesy of bali ELF :: photos by Moorea
After I led my workshop Saturday morning I went back to my room and crashed.  I had a bit of FOMO, but I wanted to be super intentional about allowing my introvert self to recover with some alone time, especially since Prom was that evening and I wanted to be able to stretch into an extroverted version of myself for that.  So that meant I needed to force myself to be in a quiet, dark hotel room for a while.  Well, I didn't really do very much forcing, I felt like a limp noodle after my session and basically just melted into bed with my laptop, and scrolled.  After a couple hours I felt recharged enough to go out with Moorea and Chelsea to a small event hosted at the Hotel San Jose.  We got to sip on some Sangria and cooled off with popsicles, which was so refreshing while sitting out on a patio in 102º heat.  I could've eaten at least five.  
When we were there a girl came over from another table to ask where I got my hat because her husband loved it.  I was excited how many compliments my hat got and how many people asked about it, because I got to tell them about Tittle Millinery!  Teagan, the gal behind Tittle, custom made this hat for me and it's by far my favorite hat.  I think at least three people asked where I got it, so hopefully she gets some hat orders!  This particular hat isn't in her shop, since it was custom, but she does custom orders, so if you see a hat you love, maybe on Pinterest, you can have her make you one, and it will fit you perfectly because she takes your measurements and everything.  
Moorea, Chelsea and I all got our photos take by an Austin street style photographer right after taking our outfit photos at the Hotel San Jose, so we felt pretty fancy.  I was shot by a street style photog in NYC once in the tents at Bryant Park and once in Seattle by Pike Place Market, but I never found either of the street style websites, so I was never able to see the photos online.  It's fun to actually see myself on a street style website!  Whenever I go to a city where there are tons of interesting people with cool style it makes me want to be a street style photographer.  I've tried doing it in Tacoma, but it's super difficult!  Major props to those who can do it and do it well!